Angel Has Fallen in Charlotte

August 23, 2019 (6 days away)
Action, Drama, Thriller
Ric Roman Waugh
Katrin Benedikt, Robert Mark Kamen, Creighton Rothenberger
Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Piper Perabo, Jada Pinkett Smith

It's been two years since the massive terrorist attack in London had taken place, and, just as Mike Banning had thought they were out of the woods, he was proven wrong. On a flight with the president aboard Air Force One, terrorists see it as a new plan of attack, and take the opportunity. Now Mike has to protect the president once again, with higher stakes than ever before.

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Studio Screening from Red Carpet Crash

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Studio Screening from Geek Vibes Nation

  • August 20th (Tuesday) 7:00 pm