All That Is Sacred

November 28, 2023 (released)
Screening Types
Scott Ballew
Richard Brautigan, Jimmy Buffett, Guy de la Valdene

In the late 60s, a group of poets, writers and musicians descended upon the lawless tip of the United States to pursue their love of literature and fishing (and cocaine and acid). Initiated by Tom McGuane, the prodigal son of American literature in the 1970s, his friends Jim Harrison, Richard Brautigan, Russell Chatham and Jimmy Buffett soon joined him. This crew and that era were captured on film by Guy De La Valdene and Christian Odasso in an obscure documentary called Tarpon in 1974. They went on to create some of the best art, poetry, novels and music of their generation, but there will never be anything like Key West in the early 70s – if you were lucky to survive it.