April 7, 2023 (released)
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Screening Types
18 Redeem Link or Codes
1 Contest
Jonás Cuarón
Joe Barnathan, Jonás Cuarón, Sean Kennedy Moore
Demián Bichir, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Alex Knight

On a visit to his grandfather Chava and two cousins in Mexico, Alex discovers his family, his roots, and his connection to a special creature. 13 years old Alex, is a little lonely and lost due to the death of his father and is not enthusiastic about going to Mexico to spend a week with Chava (his father's dad) but once he's there he's immediately drawn into the lively antics of his cousins, Memo and Luna. Alex quickly becomes close to Chava, his only connection to his father. A city boy in the country-Chava lives on a farm-Alex is uncomfortable at first, but he becomes intrigued by a mysterious creature who allegedly comes onto the property and is lulled to complacency by his grandfather's music box. After Alex learns more about the creature and other animals-including humans-losing their habitat because of the mining taking place around their land, he and his family leave the farm to go on a special adventure.