The School For Good and Evilpg-13

October 19, 2022 (released)
Action, Drama, Fantasy
Screening Types
15 Contests
4 Redeem Link or Codes
2 Others
Paul Feig
David Magee, Soman Chainani
Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Michelle Yeoh

Sophie had waited her entire life to be kidnapped by the School Master and taken away to train to be a fairytale hero at The School for Good and Evil. However, Agatha, who is unliked by many for being considered a witch, is not ready to give up her only friend and must stop Sophie from going, this ending up as joining her. As the two get whisked away into the deathly secretive world of Fairytales, they find that their fortunes are reversed, much to Sophie's dismay. Finding it impossible to escape from the treacherous world, they find that the only way out, is through a fairytale.